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Blur: An NFT Marketplace Aggregator

Introduction to Blur NFT Marketplace 

Blur, a newer NFT marketplace aggregator, has been making waves in the NFT sector with its innovative approach to trading. The platform, launched in October of 2022, has managed to surpass its more established competitor OpenSea in daily trade volume and market share, averaging roughly $14.3 million compared to OpenSea’s $11.3 million. Blur’s rise in popularity can be attributed to the anticipation of its soon-to-be-launched $BLUR token, which is set to launch on February 14, 2023.

Blur: A Comprehensive NFT Marketplace Aggregator 

Blur is a platform that not only allows users to trade NFTs but also serves as a marketplace aggregator. This means that users can trade NFTs on multiple platforms through a single portal, including the Blur platform. In addition, the platform claims to be faster and offer better tools than its competitors while charging zero royalties. The platform’s goal is to build a thriving marketplace by incentivizing users to utilize its platform and pay royalties in exchange for valuable airdrops.

Blur NFT marketplace aggregator showing Opepen Edition by visualize value (jack butcher)
Opepen Edition by Jack Butcher (VV) on Blur Marketplace

Rewarding User Loyalty: The $BLUR Token 

The $BLUR token is set to be the platform’s native cryptocurrency and will serve a yet unknown but expected role in governance. The token will initially be distributed through a series of airdrops marketed as “care packagesfor users who have actively traded NFTs on the platform. The airdrop campaign is being tracked across three phases, each emphasizing rewarding a certain activity, with the final phase focusing on bidding.

blur nft marketplace aggregator launch it own token $BLUR on 14 February
Launch of $BLUR token and community airdorp.

Blur Outstrips OpenSea: A Market Share Breakdown 

Data indicates that Blur boasts a smaller but highly dedicated group of traders processing large amounts, with 33,540 Blur traders over the past week compared to OpenSea’s 116,278. Despite having a smaller number of traders, Blur has been consistently outpacing OpenSea in daily trade volume and monetary value of trade volumes. In addition, Blur has topped daily trade volume across the NFT sector every day throughout February so far.


Blur’s innovative approach to NFT trading, paired with its experienced team of engineers from renowned companies like Square, MIT, Brex, Five Rings, and YCombinator, has placed the platform on the map as a major player in the NFT sector. The upcoming launch of the $BLUR token, set for February 14, 2023, will only solidify Blur’s position as a leader in NFT trading and marketplace aggregators. As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see the impact that Blur and its $BLUR token will have on the industry.