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Decentraland 2023 Manifesto: Year of the Creators


Decentraland 2023 manifesto is here: Decentraland, an open-source virtual social world, has been on a mission to be built as a public good since 2017. The platform, which is based on the belief that a virtual world should not be owned by any single corporation, but rather by its users, allows anyone to extend the capabilities of the virtual world’s platform, audit it, contribute to it, and build on top of it—all the code is open source. In 2023, Decentraland will continue to be developed as a public good in the era of the Internet. It will remain a decentralized, open-source, virtual social world where creativity and self-expression are championed, and where the latest technologies are leveraged to create a fair and equitable platform for all.

Decentraland’s Progress in 2022 

Last year, Decentraland focused on the growth and improvement of the platform while sticking to a motto of ‘Can’t Be Evil’. Many features were added to the platform, such as a Desktop Client, new platform-wide events, and improvements to the DAO Governance platform, all aimed at empowering the community to contribute to and claim ownership of Decentraland. These efforts led to a significant increase in the number of DCL citizens, and the community was further empowered to contribute to and claim ownership of Decentraland.

Decentraland Manifesto: Goals for 2023 

In 2023, Decentraland will continue to build upon its previous work of enhancing the user experience by further improving the platform’s performance and making Decentraland more fun and easier to use. Special attention will be given to growing Decentraland’s creator community by making creation in DCL more accessible to all and providing creators with better tools to help them unleash their creativity in Decentraland. Thus, 2023 is dubbed as, ‘The Year of the Creators’!

1) Unleashing Content Creators’ Creativity 

Firstly, Decentraland aims to become the most popular publishing medium for spatial content. To do this, Decentraland will be providing supercharged development tools (SDK7 and Editor), monetizable user-generated content (Improvements to the Avatars and Emotes system, Smart Wearables) and experimenting with a new publishing system (Worlds). These tools will allow creators to easily create and publish their own content in Decentraland, making it a go-to platform for spatial content.

2) Making Decentraland More Fun 

Secondly, Decentraland plans to become the go-to hub for safe, intuitive, and fun immersive social connections. To achieve this, Decentraland will be enhancing the Identity System (Profile, Badges), and the Communications System (Chat features & improved Voice-chat), and provide a new and improved onboarding experience (Quests), and an integrated camera for screenshots and video recording (Camera Mode). These improvements will make it easier for users to connect with each other and make Decentraland a more engaging platform.

3) Improving Performance 

Lastly, Decentraland aims to enable users to enjoy a smooth and immersive experience in Decentraland even on low-budget devices. To do this, Decentraland will be making improvements to desktop and web browser clients’ performance. In addition, it will support the community in the creation of new ways to use Decentraland’s protocol and infrastructure. This will ensure that Decentraland is accessible to a wider range of users and that the platform remains fast and responsive.

Decentralanad Manifesto 2023: The Year of the Creators 

Decentraland’s experiences and content are key to creating a compelling platform. That’s why the creators of the DCL community are an integral part of Decentraland’s ecosystem. They are the artists that give a virtual world built on code its color and shape. In addition, they craft the feeling of the world, the experiences to be had, the Wearables that clothe avatars, the Emotes that make them an expression of ourselves, and much more. Ultimately, creators are the ones who bring Decentraland to life.

Being a creator is a mindset. A creator can be anyone who gets involved, contributes, participates, crafts, builds, or deploys. From organizing events, to designing Wearables and Emotes, to building with the SDK or contributing to DCL’s code, all that work is done by Creators. Decentraland is a platform for your creative expression and it’s just waiting for you to pick up a brush. 

Decentralanad 2023 Manifesto: Conclusion

In 2023, Decentraland will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in a virtual world. With a focus on empowering creators, improving performance, and making the platform more fun and engaging, Decentraland is on a mission to become the go-to platform for spatial content and immersive social connections. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting out, there’s never been a better time to join Decentraland.