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DigiDaigaku's NFTs by Limit Break Sell Out In Seconds After Super Bowl Ad

Digidaigaku’s by Limit Break distributed 10,000 “free-to-own” non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its DigiDaigaku Dragon series during the Super Bowl on Sunday. According to CEO Gabe Leydon, the company’s first 5,000 dragon egg NFTs were quickly snapped up by users who already had cryptocurrency wallets set up. The company anticipated this demand and handed away an additional 5,000 at random to those who signed up on the company’s website.

NFTs sell out in an instant.

Leydon stated, “It happened in an instant, one second. We did something out of the ordinary by discussing our Super Bowl commercial in early October. And we used it as part of our ongoing free-to-own NFT marketing.” People have begun to sell their holdings, and the company has gained over 1.3 million followers on social media networks such as Twitter. The DigiDaigaku dragon eggs have a floor price of 0.28ETH, or $426, on the NFT marketplace Open Sea. The market received around 33% of the NFTs, with a total volume of 1,180 ETH, or approximately $1.4 million. The price had risen as high as $700 on the previous day.

The Free-to-Own Model of the Company

The “free-to-own” approach allows players to get NFTs for free before using them in a game or selling them to others. The actual dragons have not yet been revealed, but they will be later, and the NFTs will allow people who have the eggs to obtain the dragons. Limit Break has been giving away free NFT assets to a growing number of supporters for months. The offers represent a significant break from past generations of NFT initiatives, which frequently charged thousands of dollars for digital items rather than giving them away for free.

The Limit Break Strategy

Limit Break secured $200 million in funding last year and plans to build a big worldwide audience. In 2016, Leydon was the CEO of Machine Zone, which sponsored a spectacular Super Bowl ad starring Arnold Schwarzenegger for their Mobile Strike game. Because it assumed that most individuals watching the ad would not have crypto wallets, the company chose to reserve half of the NFTs for subsequent distribution via a raffle process. The website is still receiving approximately 100,000 visitors every hour.

Success of the Super Bowl Ad

Leydon stated that the $6.5 million ad was well worth the money. “This, I believe, is the future of advertising. It’s completely insane, “He stated. According to Leydon, the company concentrated on technology to remove the expense of gas fees associated with Ethereum transactions, and the entire spend on minting charges (paid by the company) was only 9 ETH or $13,423 in US dollars.

Digidaigaku’s nfts by limit break: Conclusion

Limit Break’s successful Super Bowl commercial demonstrates how the world of NFTs is developing. Instead of charging hundreds of dollars for digital collectibles, companies are instead giving away NFTs for free. The dissemination of NFTs may be the future of advertising, and Limit Break appears to have successfully combined technology with marketing. The company is well on its way to reaching its aim of establishing a big global audience.