fair.xyz is a code free nft launch collection platform

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Fair.xyz: Launching NFT Collections Code-Free and Fairly

Introduction to Fair.xyz

Fair.xyz platform is connecting NFT creators and collectors in the Web3 space, founded by a group of engineers from Meta, Instagram, and Goldman Sachs. Their goal is to bring fairness, consolidation, and democratization to the highly technical and fragmented NFT market. The platform is designed to make it easy for creators to launch their NFT collections without needing any coding knowledge, while also ensuring that the process is fair for collectors.

Code-Free NFT Collection Launches

One of the key features of Fair is that it allows creators to launch their NFT collections code-free and in just a few clicks. All that is required is the artwork and a crypto wallet to receive proceeds from sales. The platform handles everything else, including creating the collection homepage, minting integrationsmart contract deployment, metadata generationdecentralization, and more.

Prioritizing Collector’s Experience

Fair.xyz also prioritizes the experience of collectors by implementing smart queueing technology that prioritizes real collectors and removes malicious actors, scripts, and bots. This ensures that the minting process is fair for everyone. Additionally, Fair charges a low 6% fee on primary sale revenue, as opposed to the higher fees charged by other platforms.

Optimized Deployment and Discoverability

The platform also makes deployment cheaper by optimizing its code, making it 10.5x cheaper to launch an NFT collection on Ethereum and 22x cheaper on Polygon. Additionally, creators maintain ownership of their artwork as it remains on their own Smart Contract, owned and managed solely by them. This allows for a wider range of features and interactions between creators and collectors.

In an increasingly fragmented and opaque market, finding an audience for your artwork can be challenging. Fair.xyz leverages blockchain data and data science to ensure your artwork can be discovered by the right collectors, making it easier for creators to find an audience for their work.

Fair.xyz: Decentralized Longevity

Finally, the platform decentralizes both the artwork and metadata so that its longevity never depends on a single server. Decentralized storage means your art lives forever. With Fair, creators can focus on creating without worrying about the technicalities of the NFT market, and collectors can enjoy a fair and seamless experience.

In conclusion, Fair.xyz offers a seamless and fair experience for NFT creators and collectors. By leveraging the industry experience of our founders, we aim to make the process of creating and collecting NFTs simpler, fairer, and more accessible to everyone.