Hublot and Takashi Murakami NFT Collection of 13 Watches
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Hublot and Takashi Murakami NFT Collection of 13 Watches

Hublot and Takashi Murakami NFT Collection was revealed in New York City. The event showcased the launch of 13 new NFTs and 13 unique watches, marking the fourth collaboration between the two brands.

Hublot and Takashi Murakami NFT

Inspired by 1970s Japanese video games and television, the NFTs and watches represent a unique and exclusive reward for early buyers and NFT collectors. The NFTs are linked to a limited edition of 13 exclusive Classic Fusion watches, which will be presented at the 2023 Watches & Wonders in Geneva.

Exclusive Access for NFT Owners 

Twelve of the new watches will be available for purchase through a platform accessible only to those who own at least one of the 324 NFTs released in April 2022. This platform will be exclusively online and will be accessible only to NFT owners of the previous two Hublot x Takashi Murakami collaborations.

Hublot and Takashi Murakami NFT: OpenSea 

The period between the February 2023 project announcement in New York and the April 2023 sales start in Geneva will allow collectors to acquire NFTs available on OpenSea. This collaboration between Hublot and Takashi Murakami is a story connecting all works created by both parties, both digital and physical.

Rewarding Collectors – New Level of Artistry 

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe comments, “Our collaboration with Takashi Murakami allows us to build a story connecting all the works we have created with Takashi, both digital creations and the watches themselves. True to its history, Hublot is once again first, unique and different in the way it rewards its collectors, offering them privileged access to both ownership and trade of unique pieces of art. Hublot Loves Art!”

Each lucky buyer of one of the 12 new watches will receive the corresponding exclusive NFT. The brands are pushing the boundaries by combining the art of haute horlogerie with digital art.

Hublot and Takashi Murakami nft watch image

Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Black Ceramic Rainbow 

The 13th watch in the collection is the Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Black Ceramic Rainbow. This masterpiece is inspired by Takashi Murakami’s iconic emblem, the smiling flower. The watch reinterprets this emblem with 12 flower petals forming a gradient of rubies, sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, and topazes.

Rotating Petals – Twelve Petal References

Thanks to a clever ball-bearing system developed by Hublot’s engineers, the petals rotate around an axis with every movement, creating a dizzying display of colors. The movement of the petals creates an amazing effect on the 45 mm black ceramic case. The center of the smiling flower is placed above the sapphire glass to create a three-dimensional effect.

The other twelve references, available for purchase by NFT holders on the dedicated e-commerce platform, recall the flower and represent one of the petals. These twelve references represent the twelve hours on a clock face, showcasing the combined expertise of both Hublot and Takashi Murakami.

Hublot and Takashi Murakami NFT: Conclusion

In conclusion, the latest collaboration between Hublot and Takashi Murakami brings a new level of artistry to the world of watches and NFTs. This collection rewards early buyers and collectors, offering them exclusive access to unique works of art. The combination of traditional haute horlogerie with digital art is a true testament to the innovative spirit of both brands.