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Is MetaWin Legit: Evidence of Legitimacy

Is MetaWin platform legit? Undoubtedly, MetaWin has created a buzz in the world of Web3 technology. The company, founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Richard Skelhorn, has been making headlines for its unique approach to Web3 and smart contract technology focusing on transparency, innovation, and openness.

But, with the growing popularity of Web3 and NFTs, many potential users are wondering if MetaWin is a legitimate company. Therefore, in this article we will explore the background of MetaWin and provide evidence of its legitimacy to help you make an informed decision.

Is MetaWin Experienced Team legit? 

Firstly, with a collective of almost fifty team members with a wealth of experience in software engineering, digital marketing, and online gaming, MetaWin has assembled a talented group of individuals who are passionate about Web3 technology. Secondly, from their locations across the US and Europe, they bring a unique blend of skills to the company, ensuring its continued success.

Is MetaWin Competitions Feature Legit? 

Above all, one of MetaWin’s most exciting developments is its Competitions feature, which allows users to enter free giveaways for the chance to win high-value NFTs. This feature is the first of its kind in the Web3 space and operates fully on the blockchain, providing a secure and transparent way for users to win valuable NFTs. 

metawin legit wins on competition feature image
Our legitimate winnings in the MetaWin Competition feature

To sum up, the competitive mechanics used by MetaWin are unique. They employ smart contract technology and are entirely on-chain draws.

  1. Firstly, entries are added to the smart contract.
  2. Secondly, the smart contract will draw a winner using Chainlink’s unbiased prize winner selection technology
  3. Lastly, upon the selection of a MetaWinner, the smart contract will automatically send the prize to the winners.

Revenue-Generating Background: 

In addition, the MetaWin team also has a tech and revenue-generating background in digital advertising and gaming. This experience provides the foundation for the company’s ability to create innovative and profitable products, making it a solid investment opportunity.

Launch of NFT Collection: 

Moreover, the company’s “MetaWinners Digital Access Chips” will be a unique set of 10,000 utility-driven NFTs that provide unique access and permissions within the MetaWin platform. Similarly, with 100% of funds raised from the NFT sale going towards the growth and marketing of the platform, this collection is a strong indicator of MetaWin’s commitment to its mission.

metawin legit nft holders utility and benefit
One of the utility for MetaWin NFT holders.


In conclusion, MetaWin is a legitimate company with a clear mission and a talented team that is committed to delivering innovative products and services in the Web3 and smart contract space. In addition, with its focus on transparency, innovation, and openness, MetaWin is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of Web3 technology.

To clarify, if you’re considering using the MetaWin platform, you can be confident that the company is legitimate and that you’ll be able to benefit from its innovative products and services.