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Meta Quest Pro: What Is The New VR Headset

Meta Quest Pro is the latest addition to the Meta Quest VR headset line, designed for those who want to be on the cutting edge of Virtual Reality technology. The device offers improved performance, a new form factor, Mixed Reality capabilities, and advanced controllers to enhance the VR experience.


To begin with, the headset features a custom chip that powers rich experiences with improved thermals. Additionally, it has a 200% increase in RAM to help power richer content experiences.

Display and Form Factor 

Furthermore, the device has new pancake lenses that offer an open periphery and improved form factor. The display is also optimized to increase pixel density and reduce artifacts for better clarity. Additionally, the ergonomics of the headset are counterbalanced to reduce face marks and weight fatigue.

Mixed Reality and Controllers 

Moreover, the headset also offers high-resolution mixed-reality sensors that display your real world surroundings in color.In addition, the headset comes with new Touch Pro controllers, which have been redesigned to improve ergonomics and form factor. The controllers also have a new stylus tip add-on for improved productivity and finer precision. The controllers have enhanced hand tracking, built-in rechargeable batteries, and LED indicators to help you understand the controller’s charge level, paired connection and more.

Meta Quest Pro: Content 

Moreover, in addition to growing its own storefront, the headset launches full library compatibility with existing Meta Quest experiences, as well as Rift experiences via Quest Link cable. To use the headset, you’ll need a Meta account, the Meta Quest mobile app, and a compatible phone with iOS 10+ or Android 5.0+. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Where to buy Meta Quest Pro?

The device is available online and at physical stores in the US, UK, CA, and FR. US retail partners include Best Buy and, UK retail partners include, Argos, and Curry’s, CA retail partners include and and FR retail partners include FNAC, Boulanger and


In conclusion, the Meta Quest Pro is a high-end device that offers advanced features and capabilities to enhance the VR experience. With improved performance, mixed reality, advanced controllers and full compatibility with existing content, it offers a new perspective on what VR is capable of and can help unlock new use cases for the technology.