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MetaWin: Building the Future of Web3 with NFTs and Raffles


MetaWin, a new company focused on unlocking the potential in Web3 and Smart Contract Technology, announced the launch of its first NFT project. Led by entrepreneurial CEO Richard Skelhorn, MetaWin has assembled a collective of almost fifty team members with a wealth of experience in software engineering, digital marketing and online gaming spanning 4 locations across the US and Europe.

About MetaWin 

Firstly, the team aims to merge their commercial and digital advertising experience with contract and blockchain technology concepts. Secondly, the company’s goal is to build new and exciting products that people love, using Web3 as a framework, and to push smart contract technology into the mainstream. Thirdly, MetaWin’s core values are transparency, innovation, and openness.

Some of the MetaWin NFT prizes.
Some of the MetaWin NFT prizes.

Launch of the NFT Collection 

Above all, the company announced the launch of their first set of digital collectibles in the form of NFTs, named MetaWinners Digital Access Chips. The collection is a unique set of 10,000 utility-driven NFTs that will provide unique utility across the platform and products. The NFTs come in four categories: Digital Access Chips (4,444), Cyber Editions (3,332), Royal Editions (2,222) and two unique Special Editions. Each chip has a unique ID number displayed on it and also carries a unique selection of 400 different, detailed traits.

The MetaWin Community 

The ID number identifies the holder in the MetaWin community and is used to track their progress, grant access, and give them special permissions to interact with the MetaWin platform. The holders of the NFTs will be able to participate in raffles and competitions to win some of the most expensive and rarest NFTs available. 100% of funds raised from the NFT sale will be directly invested into the growth and marketing of the MetaWin platform, upon which the company will build many exciting products.

MetaWin Platform: Community and Stats - February 9,2023

The Competitions Feature 

To celebrate the launch of their NFT collection, MetaWin launched their highly-anticipated Competitions feature. This brand-new product allows anybody to enter completely free giveaways or paid raffles where they can win highly coveted Blue-Chip NFTs. The Competitions feature is the first of its kind in the Web3 space, as fully audited smart contracts are set up and operate fully on the blockchain when the giveaway winner is announced. There is no need to part with personal information as is the norm with traditional competitions – instead, prize winners can add high-value NFTs to their collection without paying out for them.

MetaWin Celebrated the Launch 

To celebrate the launch, the platform hosted an entire week of giveaways. Meanwhile, one NFT from the Rags to Richie Collection was given away each day for seven days. This special event gave newcomers the chance to test out the platform. In addition, many had a chance to walk away with a Blue-Chip NFT at zero cost.  All that was required was to join the company’s Discord where members unlocks the latest giveaway on MetaWin platform.


MetaWin is a legit company at the forefront of Web3 technology and is set to shake up the industry with its innovative products and features. The launch of their NFT collection and the Competitions feature is just the beginning, and the company is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Web3 and Smart Contract Technology.”

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