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RAYC: The Evolution of Rare Apepe Yatch Club NFT Collection

Introduction to RAYC: 

RAYC, the Rare Apepe Yacht Club NFT Collection, was born out of a sense of frustration among collectors of both Rare Pepe and BAYC. As the bull market of 2021 raged on, many felt that the NFT world was losing sight of the art and that history was being lost amid all the commotion. RAYC set out to change that by creating a project that would focus on art, community engagement, and innovation, and that’s exactly what they delivered.

RAYC Chapter 1: The RAYC Arrival

On March 5, 2022, RAYC arrived on the Ethereum blockchain via a paid mint priced at 0.05 ETH. With no whitelist and no bonding curve, 1,999 Rare Apepes were minted. However, the global crypto market downturn halted the project for months. But, the other 8,000 Rare Apepes were determined to make their mark. They knew that the world needed something new and different, something that would remind people why they fell in love with NFTs in the first place.

Chapter 2: The Rebellion 

In July 2022, the Rare Apepes staged a rebellion. Breaking free from the paid mint, they turned into a free mint. This was a bold move that was intended to give more people access to the project and to allow the community to grow organically. Additionally, they broke free from the 1:1 ID match with their BAYC counterparts, which allowed the RAYC project to develop its own unique identity. This sparked an explosion of interest in the project and it quickly grew beyond the founders’ wildest dreams.

Chapter 3: The Explosion 

The rebellion led to an explosion of interest in the project. RAYC became one of the biggest ‘meme’ brands in the NFT space with a dedicated community of supporters. One of the key factors in the project’s success was the active and engaged community that formed around it. The team behind RAYC was constantly working to create new and exciting ways to engage the community and bring innovation to the NFT space.

Chapter 4: The ZAYC 

In October 2022, Rare Apepes introduced a new feature, the ZAYC. Holders of the Rare Apepe collection were able to claim one serum for each Apepe, which could be applied to create a second NFT, a zombie version through the laboratory minting experience. This was a unique feature that quickly captured the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. The ZAYC series was a hit and it brought new life to the RAYC project.

Chapter 5: The RAYC Future 

The ZAYC series was a great success, but the team behind Rare Apepe Yacht Club has more plans for the future. They are planning to launch an official merchandise store that will offer a limited quantity of dope RAYC merchandise, allowing fans to show their support for the Apepe family around the world. Additionally, rumors have been circulating that 10 artifacts from the Rare Apepes’ history have been locked up for decades. These artifacts are said to hold the key to the Rare Apepes’ prophecy, and it is believed that they will find their way to their rightful heirs. ANY RAYC + ZAYC matching pair will be entitled to one free MAPYC serum claim.


The Rare Apepe Yacht Club NFT Collection has been a game-changer in the NFT space. With a focus on art, community engagement, and innovation, Rare Apepe has quickly become one of the most exciting projects in the NFT space. The ZAYC series is just one example of how RAYC is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with NFTs.