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Russia’s Largest Bank Sberbank Enters DeFi Market

Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, enters DeFi market  

Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, enters the DeFi market with its very own DeFi platform on the Ethereum network. Konstantin Klimenko, product director of Sberbank’s Blockchain Laboratory, has stated that the platform will be launched “before May this year,” with open testing starting in March.

A Pioneer in Blockchain Technology

Sberbank has a long history in the world of blockchain technology and digital assets. The bank completed its first digital transaction in the summer of 2022 and launched its cryptocurrency in April of the same year. Now, it’s looking to further explore the world of decentralized finance by launching its DeFi platform.

Based on Ethereum Network

The DeFi platform will be based on the Ethereum network, giving users access to the platform through the MetaMask extension present in the Sberbank digital ecosystem since December. Sberbank, with over 110 million customers and one million corporate clients, according to Coindesk, will be a major player in the Russian DeFi market.

Displacing Traditional Banking Services

Klimenko spoke before an Economic congress on Friday, expressing his belief that DeFi can eventually “displace traditional banking services in the future.” As a leader in the financial industry, Sberbank’s entry into the DeFi market is significant and may encourage other traditional financial institutions to follow suit.


Sberbank’s entry into the DeFi market marks another milestone in the growth of the decentralized finance industry. With open testing starting in March and full operations expected towards the end of April, the platform is set to bring a new level of accessibility and innovation to the Russian DeFi market.