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Transforming Blockchain: The Graph’s Journey to Arbitrum for Enhanced Scalability

A Leap Towards Enhanced Scalability and Efficiency in Decentralized Data Processing

The Graph, a pioneer in blockchain data indexing and querying protocols, is in the final phase of a game-changing migration to the Ethereum Layer 2 network Arbitrum. By integrating Arbitrum’s innovative technology, The Graph plans to transform the blockchain experience by enhancing scalability, slashing gas fees, and turbocharging transaction speeds.

Taking the Leap: From Ethereum to Arbitrum

Stepping into the future, The Graph is poised to complete its migration to Arbitrum—a Layer 2 scaling solution that operates on Ethereum. This strategic move is intended to not only cut down on gas fees but also to boost transaction speeds, making the protocol more accessible for users.

The community of network participants expressed their support for this transition through a Graph Improvement Proposal. They enthusiastically voted in favor, demonstrating their collective aspiration for an improved network experience and cost-effective participation.

Chronology of the Migration

The Graph’s journey to Arbitrum began in 2022 with the initial deployment, labeled as Phase One. Subsequently, Phase Two saw protocol rewards on Layer 2 being activated. Currently, the integration is entering Phase Three, marking the full migration to the Arbitrum network.

Commenting on this move, Tegan Kline, CEO of Edge & Node—a key development team behind The Graph protocol—expressed the ecosystem’s preference for Arbitrum over other Layer 2 scaling solutions. Kline, appointed as CEO last week, highlighted the community’s quest for improved gas efficiencies and the need for a more efficient network.

Seamless Transition and Rewards Migration

To ensure a smooth transition, The Graph offers its users the option to migrate to Arbitrum across all of its product offerings. Meanwhile, protocol rewards will gradually shift from Ethereum to Arbitrum, ultimately becoming fully operational on the latter. The Graph’s dedicated developers are actively working on creating Layer 2 transfer tools to further assist network participants during this transition.

Empowering Network Participants: Delegators and Indexers

By reducing gas fees, Arbitrum enables network participants, known as delegators, to delegate The Graph’s native token, GRT, more efficiently. Delegators empower Indexers—operators of nodes in The Graph Network that provide crucial indexing and query-processing services—by delegating GRT to them. The Graph anticipates a dramatic reduction in gas fees, by up to 300 times, for Indexers claiming GRT rewards following the transition.

The Promise of Innovation in Web3

With The Graph fully functioning on Arbitrum, Offchain Labs CEO Steven Goldfeder expressed his enthusiasm for the improved data accessibility that Arbitrum users can now enjoy. As the original developer of Arbitrum, Offchain Labs views blockchain data as a vital driver of innovation in the next web iteration—Web3.

Celebrating the Transformation

In honor of this transformative moment, The Graph and Arbitrum will host a celebratory event at the House of Web3 in San Francisco. This event serves to mark the beginning of a new chapter in enhancing scalability and efficiency in blockchain technology.

By embracing Arbitrum, The Graph exemplifies its commitment to evolving and shaping the blockchain experience, a testament to its vision for the future of the blockchain ecosystem.

As this process unfolds, we’ll continue to monitor The Graph’s progress and provide you with the latest updates. Stay tuned for more information about the impact and benefits of this game-changing transition.