The sandbox metaverse 2022 review and 2023 upgrades
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The Sandbox Metaverse 2022 Achievements and 2023 Upgrades

As we look back on 2022, Animoca Brands is celebrating a year of milestones for its open gaming metaverseThe Sandbox. Millions of people connected through the platform, and over two million people joined the metaverse, more than doubling our community. Here is a review of the progress and the future of the Sandbox.

The Sandbox Metaverse: 1 Milion Players

In 2022, the Sandbox welcomed 1 million unique players over two gaming seasons and began partnerships with celebrities and brands that defined the metaverse as a place of pop culture. The community created 35+ collections of interoperable Avatars and unveiled multiple iconic neighborhoods through sold-out LAND sales. The Sandbox made significant headway in bringing more gamification mechanics to the metaverse.

Updates to The Sandbox Game Client in 2023 

The Sandbox Game Client was installed over 1.3 million times in 2022, and in 2023, it is set to receive exciting updates that should make it even more popular through socialization, fun, and new means of digital expression. These updates will include more seasonal events from our partners and brand-new gaming mechanics, along with the ability to bring your favorite NFTs to life with bridged avatar collections.

the sandbox metaverse a panoramic view of the game
Sandbox In Game View

Game Maker Upgrades 

The Game Maker made significant headway in bringing more gamification mechanics to the metaverse, with a major upgrade to v0.7 in May 2022. The upgrade unlocked several features, including MacOS compatibility, new dance animations, and improvements to auto-climb. The Game Maker was downloaded close to a million times in 2022, with 56k monthly active users on average throughout the year.

The launch of version 0.8 will bring even more features for anyone to express themselves in the metaverse. These include new avatar navigation, new multiplayer gameplay features, stunning lighting and visual effects, and the ability to stream video and audio. With these new features, the possibilities for creativity and player interaction are endless.

VoxEdit Upgrades 

VoxEdit, the 3D modeling and animating software, was installed 375K times in 2022. Over the past year, new features were introduced, including a UGC Quality assurance toolset, shared color palette system, and animation graph editor. In 2023, localization in multiple languages and a Game Maker gameplay toolset will be added.

the sandbox metaverse ecosystem
Sandbox In Game View

An Ever-Growing Marketplace and Community

In 2022, The Sandbox marketplace gave opportunities for many creators around the world. The total ASSETs created were 810,733, and the total ASSETs purchased were 118,496 copies of 2,379 ASSETs in 42,314 transactions.

In addition, The Sandbox’s social platforms welcomed many newcomers. The main Twitter account reached the 1M follower mark, and The Doggies Avatars account was opened for Snoop Dogg fans within the community. Discord had over 300,000 registered members exchange with the community and stay up to date on all things LAND, events, SAND, and more. The Sandbox community is also growing within the game itself.

The Sandbox Metaverse: Looking Forward to 2023 

In 2023, The Sandbox will be launching new features and upgrades, including a brand new Creator Fund, an SDK for developers, and a new mobile application. These additions will take the Sandbox to new heights of decentralization, inclusivity, and creativity.

The Creator Fund will provide grants and resources for independent creators to build and develop innovative experiences in the Sandbox metaverse. The SDK for developers will enable third-party developers to create their own games and experiences, and the new mobile application will bring the Sandbox to mobile devices.


Looking back on 2022, The Sandbox community expressed their pride in everything they had accomplished. They had successfully introduced more individuals to the metaverse, enabled creators to build incredible experiences, and positioned The Sandbox as a dominant player in the NFT and gaming industries.

However, The Sandbox acknowledges that this is only the beginning. As the company looks forward to 2023 and beyond, they eagerly anticipate continuing their pursuit of creating the most accessible, decentralized, and diverse metaverse possible. With the unwavering support of their community, The Sandbox is confident in their ability to bring their vision to life, ultimately creating a truly innovative platform that empowers individuals worldwide.